Did You Accidentally Hire a Realtor to Sell Your Business?


Some business proprietor’s choose to go with a broker that specializes in real estate because they are a friend or perhaps because they want to save plutocrat on freights. It’s well known that Business brokers charge a advanced figure or commission that our Realtor counterparts do. Pinellas County business for sale

Flash back the old words of wisdom You get what you pay for.

This month I’m representing several business possessors looking to expand as a buyer’s agent that missed out on a couple of our recent rosters and asked if I could represent them in their hunt for other businesses and help them determine whether they met their requirements or not.

I’m an Illinois real estate designee as well as a certified business broker so I hopped on the MLS( in addition to checking with other business brokers who do not put their rosters on the MLS) and did a detailed hunt looking for some businesses listed by Realtors.

It’s amazing how numerous businesses I find that have the addresses listed clear as day- and yet, the listing agent has it posted in the commentary nonpublic! Ironically, anyone with internet access can tell that this business is on the request and walk in the frontal door and start blabbering to workers, guests, challengers, merchandisers and so on. We routinely pick up new rosters after a business proprietor has had a bad experience with Realtors blowing confidentiality and no way indeed knew that they were left exposed on the MLS like this until people started coming in publicizing that the business was for trade to anyone that would hear!

Now some well- meaning Realtors have the wisdom to hide the address until proper forms have been inked, but they still generally don’t know anything about the business except what the proprietor wants to vend it for. Realtors will generally have no idea how to read a fiscal report, duty returns, or a P&L statement- let alone how to restate it into Cash Flow for a prospective buyer.

Then is an exchange that took place lately I communicate a Realtor who has a liquor store listed for $999,000- the address and filmland are posted clear as day online before I indeed picked up the phone. If I was shady I could have gone right to the dealer and perfected a deal on the side and cut her fully out of the picture. Let alone all the annihilation I could have created if I was a unrighteous existent up to no good.

I do professionally and give her with a inked confidentiality agreement that she wanted. In return she provides me with the gross deals, the rent and force. No operating charges, no information on whether there’s fresh profit from lotto or ATM, no cost of goods, no idea of what types of liquor is being vended, no idea if levies and cam are included in the rent and on and on.

Alright, perhaps she’s just playing her cards near. I leave her a communication and an dispatch and a couple days latterly she replies to my dispatch saying that she has formerly handed me enough information and that if my buyer is serious that he should make an offer! Not only was this rude and unskillful, but now commodity really smells funny. I do some deeper exploration and find former” expired” rosters on the MLS for the same Realtor and property going back a time and half. This deal has been on the request for a time and a half. effects are starting to make sense.


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