Download Temp Mail MOD v2 64 Premium


Temp Mail Mod Apk is a modified application that offers all premium features for free to use. It is very capable of generating the disposable temporary email address quickly for free. Users can easily use them to keep the real inbox safe and secure. The Mod Apk allows all the premium unlocked features for free and you can get custom email names, premium domains, and no ads interface.


However, to use popular email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Outlook, etc., you need to create an account which takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, Temp mail is what you need to save yourselves from stress. In this version, you can easily change the email name to whatever you want to set. But to ensure that it does not do the same to any other email address.


Whether you use the web or mobile application of Temp Mail, view at apkonlinestore you don’t need the registration to use all of its features. If you use the web version then you need to visit its official domain and then a temporary email is automatically created for you. And if you use the mobile application then you only need to install and open the app. Then it generates the email address for you to copy, generate a QR code, and use for free. It is a premium feature where if you want to use a custom domain as a temporary disposable email address. For example, you have a custom domain and you want to create a temporary email address for your own custom domain.


Safe & secure


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What is Temp Mail Mod Apk


For those who don’t happen to be native English users, The app has many different languages that you can use. You can make the features in the app available to you on your mobile devices as well as in your favorite languages. Complete localization of your language with Temp Mail will enable swift & efficient use of the feature for all Android users.


That said, the application will make it possible for you to effectively conceal the spam using its temporary mails. Here you can grab your temporarily created mails and utilize them to get immaterial mails online. Email is one of the most reliable and easiest ways to send information and communicate with people worldwide.




There are often cases when mailbox was required for a short period, while linking your personal account would be unsafe. There are cases when people use email address to create second account in the game or other platform. Such situations require quick access to mailing service in order to get a special code. Nevertheless, it is possible to use special app called TempMail, which main purpose is to provide users with one-time temporary mail. Privatix Limited launched the app just a couple of years ago, but now TempMail has already more than five million active users. Our teams also recommends you Avee Music Player Pro and Cute CUT Pro.

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